The latest WhatsApp update: new Status features

Unable to buy Snapchat, Facebook is trying to duplicate the success of its features through WhatsApp Messenger. Since 2009, even before messaging was added as a function, it was possible to write text statuses on WhatsApp. Now, statuses are getting an upgrade, offering features similar to Snapchat. You can take photos, edit them to add emojis, text, stickers and more and publish them as your Status.

Your WhatsApp Status is visible for 24 hours. Of course, it is possible to manage your privacy settings to allow only some contacts (or all your contacts) to view your WhatsApp status. In short, if you are familiar with Snapchat or Instagram, you won’t be lost when trying out the new features.

The update is meant to coincide with the 8th birthday of WhatsApp, February 24. The feature is already rolling out, so you can expect it within the coming days if you haven’t seen it already.

GIF features added

In the past year or two, there have been a lot of major WhatsApp updates, like the addition of video calling, end-to-end encryption, voicemail, tons of new emoji, Google Drive backups and the end of the subscription fee. And now, you can convert videos into GIFs, share them and search for them on Giphy.


Two-step verification feature

Two-step verification is a well-known security feature already available on many other services like Facebook, Twitter, Google and Dropbox, among others. Using a special code to verify that you’re you, this extra verification step makes your accounts more secure. WhatsApp now offers this feature too, but with a twist. The app allows you to create a six-digit passcode that will be required each time your phone number is verified with the application.

To enable the two-step verification feature: open WhatsApp and go to Settings > Account > Two-step verification, then tap Enable and set your code. It’s that simple.

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