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android-img2The inventor of Android was Andy Rubin, Google lead the company because they believed that Android Inc. had an interesting and important concept of creating a powerful mobile operating system. Android supported Google to reach a younger audience.

Android is the mobile operating system developed by Google and is based on Linux. It is the world’s most desired platform for mobiles. It is an operating system that powers over innumerable number of Smartphones and tablets. It is a free and open source software. This means that many organizations or developers can make a user friendly application in mobile or laptop with the use of the Android operating system.

As we can see many developers are using Android to build the innovate apps, so it offers developers to develop many innovative and useful applications. The features in Android give the ease of notifications, security & privacy, widgets, application shortcuts added, PC connections, accessibility of applications through Google Android app market for free, endless personalization and much more. The main feature of it is the access to a location (Location Based Service) with the use of GPS one can get the whole information about the location. Google services are installed on the Android phones like Google Maps, Google Search, Google, Google Play, Gmail. It offers multiple features and functionalities to connect with different applications. It has the power to turn your device into a powerful system where you can browse online, play game or make it your personal assistant all in one.

Allows all the mobile application development company to develop apps by taking the advantage of OS’s functionalities, that provide a variety of benefits to the user of Android Smartphones. Many companies can handle their business with the use of Android features and its applications.

There are lots of future opportunities for seeing Android in new dimensions. One thing for sure you will definitely going to see is how Google’s cloud services ties everything together.

Android will keep getting better and constantly improving with its numerous updates. It gives you everything you need to build world class apps experiences. Provides you a single application model that allow you to locate your apps openly for number of users across a wide range of devices. Naturally adapts your UI to look best on each device and give you control over your UI on different device types. It is simply smart and fun. Advancing on the efforts of the open-source Linux group, Android has become the fastest-growing mobile OS.

With apps based structure and advanced devices, the world is becoming mobile faster. Get a new experience with your Android phones. Its explosive growth makes a big difference in the developing world.

Need and Importance of Android and Android Applications:

The world is advancing with the growth of mobile phone technology. From the beginning, when people used to use regular handsets which were used just for phone calls but now mobiles have changed the lives of every individual. In today’s world they are not used just for making calls but they have countless uses.

Now with the new technology like Android gives everything needed to build better apps. It gives you a single application model that lets you locate your apps broadly to other users across a wide range of devices like mobiles, tablets, computer or laptop. Android applications are created with some application components like activities, services, content providers, and broadcast receivers.

Music, movies, books, magazines and TV shows are always accessible on your Android devices. For example you can download a movie on your phone and stream it on your computer or tablet. To read, listen, watch and play, all these entertainment facilities are available across your devices.

Always keep you updated to make your Android device uniquely yours by making it beautiful, functional and available in many shapes and sizes.

Android apps are just about anything, users can do just about anything with it. It makes life comfortable and advanced for the users. Simply make the best and effective binary for phone, tablets and other devices.

  • Speed of internet is fast in Android devices.
  • In a single click you will get the guide to located your destination in a map easily.
  • Share your information like photos, status, anything through social media circle like Google+, Facebook and Android apps.
  • Get access to google drive through Android devices.
  • Change the display,widgets and home screen as you .

Why Android is better then IOS :

Android and IOS are both a great platform for mobiles. But as Android is maturing, iOS started reaching old age. Android allows you to do multiple tasking and much more with your phone than iOS. While in iOS apps you can only share your content through social media platforms and paid apps, but with Android it has the pool of different apps and offer more options. Android gives a lot of personalization options to the user and guarantees a high learning curve of your device fun.

If you want a relatively less friendly and just a static UI, then you can go for the Apple’s product, but for an extremely personalized, customizable and flexible application platform, get a Android phone.

A Look Into The Evolution Of Android Versions :

Have you an idea that each version of android is named after desserts? The use of Smartphones and tablets have made our lives sweet, therefore every version of Android is named after a sweet desert like Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean and KitKat. These are the Google Android OS code names, which are in alphabetical order.


KitKat is the latest version of Android 4.4. It is designed to run fast, smoothly and responsively. Some of the features which have made it amazing for everyone are unlimited home screen panels, immersive display which will hide everything while reading or watching something, Quickoffice is integrated to allow users to edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations that have been created with Microsoft Office or Google Docs, share location and animated GIFs via Google Hangouts, emojis, contact priotization with the help of KitKat Contacts app, support for cloud printing, bluetooth MAP support and much more.

Android-jelly1Jelly Bean is one of the updated version of Android with more reactive and uniform touch response. Introduces innovative features for users like notification access, bluetooth smart support, dial pad auto complete, high performance graphics, additional language support for Hebrew and Arabic, and even more.


Android-sandwich1Ice Cream Sandwich had the unmatched speed and performance in its innovative features are multitasking, rich notifications, customizable home screens, resizable widgets, face unlock, killer camera app, better web browsing and deep interactivity, adds powerful new ways of communicating and sharing.


Android-honeyHoneycomb is an excellent update for Android tablets. It has two substantial features – improved flash performance and USB device compatibility.


Android-gingerGingerbread is an innovative release, which brings along numerous additional features like control over applications, one touch word selection and copy paste, streamline user interface, application and power management, new ways of communicating – internet calling, near-field communications, download management, and access to multiple cameras.

Android-froyoFroyo includes features like JIT complier to have a positive effect on battery life, automatic app updates, support for Adobe Flash 10.1, Linux Kernel for security, stability and performance, OpenGl improvements to improve gaming graphics and its performance.


Android-eclairEclair highlights interesting features over other versions of OS like native microsoft exchange support, improved browser, updated maps, ability to combine multiple account inboxes, YouTube widget for fast uploads, lastly Google Maps navigation and multi-touch receptiveness was tweaked to be more sensitive.


android-donutDonut with its launch has brought many added features like the quick search box, higher resolution touch screens, updated Android Market, much improved camera, gallery support, new battery usage indicator and improved performance all over the place and native support for Sprint and Verizon phones.


Android-cupcakeCupcake was the first version of Android which introduces us to the host of features which are now common in every Android phone like home screen widgets, smart virtual keyboard, live folders for quick viewing your data, video recording and sharing, Picasa image uploading, voice search, hand-free calls, snappier overall performance, standards-compliant web browser and much more.

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