Smartphones and tablets can be a great way to kill time and socialize, but who knew that they can also boost your productivity? As long as you know the right apps that can lend a hand, your life could become a lot easier. Here is our list of the best productivity apps, recently updated to include the useful Tiny Scanner, and the essential Dashlane.

1. Tiny Scanner – PDF Scanner

If your work requires a lot of document scanning, you should be armed with Tiny Scanner, which allows you to create PDFs from any documents using just your smartphone camera.

Take a snap, crop it and select a PDF page size (like A4), then hit the tick button. It’s that simple. Tiny Scanner will produce a black and white scan of a document that looks as good as if it came out of a scanner.

It has a few neat tools, like automatically straightening your scans if they’re a bit wonky, but you’ll need a decent (ish) camera for best results. Colorful PDFs tend not to look as strong, but it’s an effective replacement for a home scanner, and color is an option if you want it.

While it used to offer pretty much everything for free, there’s now a Pro version that you’ll need to pay for if you want to do things like upload your scans straight to cloud storage services.

2. Dashlane Password Manager

Dashlane Password Manager is a service which saves all of your passwords and other sensitive credentials in one place.

Many apps and services seek to do the same, but Dashlane gets our recommendation because it combines so many features so easily and effectively. It’s also one of the bigger name password managers that hasn’t been hacked in recent years.

As well as remembering all your passwords, the app can log you in to websites and apps automatically, and generate strong passwords for you on the fly. You can also use it to store your payment and banking details to save needing to enter those each time too.

It’s safely encrypted, it’s intuitive, and the basic service is free. If you want all your logins and data to sync between different devices, you’ll need to pay for the upgrade. We’d also recommend using two-factor authentication on any password manager, for obvious reasons.

3. Unclouded

If you’ve fully embraced the modern working ethos, that probably means there are a whole bunch of different services you use for both your work and personal life. And that means you’ve got a phone full of files and the rest scattered about in various Cloud storage services. This is where Unclouded comes in.

By analyzing the storage on your phone and connected Cloud services, it can help you to find your files more quickly (there’s a single search across all your connected services), keep them better organized and give you a quick overview of exactly what is taking up the most space across all your accounts.

4. Pushbullet

Pushbullet is an incredibly useful app if you spend most of your day sat at a computer and frequently find yourself switching between different devices. It started out as a way to send individual files between those different devices – mobile and desktop, as well as mobile-mobile). Now, you can move files, respond to notifications, SMS and other messages directly from your desktop.

5. Todoist

Plenty of apps have tried to tackle that perennial problem of helping you actually get things done, but Todoist hits a higher water mark than most. The app enables you to organize your tasks with colors and sub-folders, and it can sync your lists between multiple devices (though it also works if you go offline).

It was previously named one of the best Google Play apps by Google itself, and it’s easy to see why — the interface is clear and uncluttered, creating and editing tasks is very straightforward, and extra features such as being able to assign custom tags to keep everything organized really add to the app’s overall impact on your productivity.


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